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Hello, I am Lei.

Your Award Winning Lifestyle Photographer.

My name is Chunlei Deng. I am a mom and a family photographer based in the Bay Area, California. After my daughter was born, I became a family history keeper behind the camera. To improve my shooting skills and to make up for my regret that I did not major in art, I started a professional photography course in college and finally got a professional photographer certificate. Now, I'm an award-winning lifestyle photographer serving all families in the Greater Bay Area.

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During my study,

 one of the most impressive projects was "Good Morning, " a series in black and white of my daughter. “Good Morning” was the first time I was more concerned with conveying to the audience the emotion and connection to my four-year-old daughter’s struggles and playfulness in the morning than the perfection of the photo. After completing this project, I set my style on documentary photography and lifestyle photography, trying to document extraordinary life most naturally. It is also the original intention of my photography studio because I wanted to narrate more stories for more families through my lens.

My photography style

is storytelling, emotive and timeless. I offer maternity, newborn, and family lifestyle sessions, you can choose the location, and it also could be your home. My workflow is without stress, giving minimum direction, and making my client naturally present in front of the lens. I also offer fine art portrait photography. I will capture timeless, authentic, and emotive portraits through communication with you.

I am an association member of Lifestyle Photographers.

My 2023 Awards for Lifestyle Family Photography

The goal of each session

is when you watch the picture to recall a beautiful memory about the year, the day, or the moment. If you like me or my works, let‘s create yours!

"The memories we make with our family is everything."

------- Candace Cameron Bure

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